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Premium quality bakes by Jin

The baking Jin specialises in very light, fluffy sponge and flavours inspired by the Orient.

You can order for celebrations, birthday, wedding, party or even just for a treat!

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The Baking Jin

The Baking Jin was created from a desire to bring the flavours and textures of beautifully light South East Asian cakes that I used to eat in Malaysia, to here in the UK, for everyone to enjoy. Baking is a passion for me, influenced undoubtedly by my Mum, who baked from our family home in Borneo, Malaysia, filling the house with the smell of cakes, cookies and bread. After taking up a professional career as an engineer in the UK, the need to bake returned and I embarked on a challenge which resulted in winning the Cambridge Bake off 2015.

Now fully addicted to baking, The Baking Jin is dedicated to creating wonderfully light chiffon sponges with oriental and fusion inspired flavours. Being a coder by day and baker by night brings out the Scientist, and the creative in me. Both of which are applied to my baking. I put in a lot of work to make my cake to perfection - light, fluffy, flavoursome, not too sweet. But really, I just want you to be as satisfied as I am when tasting my cakes.

Photography by Tim Green

Featured in Cambridgeshire Cook Book


Something a little different

Chiffon cake, made with eggs, sugar, flour, water and vegetable oil but no butter, is an obsession throughout South-east Asia. In Japan there are bakeries that only bake chiffon cakes. Schoolchildren in China eat it as a snack. In the Philippines the ability to turn out airy chiffon is the test of a good home cook. People in Malaysia have chiffon cake around the clock, for breakfast seem to be very common! Yet not many in UK know about it, if you have not tasted chiffon cake, why not give it a try, The Baking Jin can bake  for you!

Feeling good with my light and fluffy 

Chiffon Cake


Jin made a marvellous black forest tiered cake for my birthday. The cake was delicious, and the decoration so spectacular that there was a spontaneous round of applause when he brought it out!

I first met Jin in 2015 at the launch of the Cambridgeshire Cook Book where he supplied a stunning mango mouse and pandan layer cake. The presentation was impressive and I was intrigued by its unique flavours. Since then, I have tasted many more of Jin’s wonderful creations and they never cease to amaze and delight. His soft and airy chiffon sponge is a testament to his baking skills!

Derek, Cambridge

Just a note to say many thanks for delivering the cake on Saturday. It was absolutely beautiful and everyone loved it.  A new experience for most (but not me!) – Pandan cake.  Wonderful fresh cream and not too sweet which made a very pleasant change. I would certainly recommend to my friends looking to buy a quality cake.

William, Cambridge

I have been lucky enough to try a number of the BakingJin's cakes.  They are always very creatively decorated with imagination and sometimes a subtle humour!

Not only are they good to look at, but the flavours are well balanced - often layers which other bakers ignore have an added flavour which gives a nice surprise. 

Lindsay, Laxfield Suffolk

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