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The Baking Jin Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcakes for events, party

We are now baking in Suffolk !

Welcome to The Baking Jin! We are excited to announce that we have moved from our Cambridge kitchen to our new kitchen in Owl's Green, Suffolk, and will now be baking all of our cakes from this location starting September 2023. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to receiving your order soon!

The Baking Jin Pandan Layer Cake
The Baking Jin

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Premium quality bakes by Jin

The baking Jin specialises in very light, fluffy sponge and flavours inspired by the Orient.

You can order for celebrations, birthday, wedding, party or even just for a treat!

Birthday Cakes

Chiffon Cakes

Asian inspired wedding cake display in Suffolk
Alternative Wedding Displays
The Baking Jin Supper Club

The Baking Jin

The Baking Jin is an East Asian home bakery with a mission to bring a taste of home to the UK. All of our products are handmade in small batches, using only the finest ingredients. Baking is a passion for me, influenced undoubtedly by my Mum, who baked from our family home in Borneo, Malaysia, filling the house with the smell of cakes, cookies and bread. Our unique flavours and textures are inspired by my own roots, and we take great pride in our products.

I was an Engineer turned Baker after winning the Cambridge Bake Off in 2015. I started The Baking Jin in Cambridge as a part time business in 2016, and since then it has been steadily growing. In 2020, I decided to go full time and in  Summer 2023 I decided to take the business to the region of Framlingham, Woodbridge Suffolk, where the business is building from strength to strength. We are introducing Chiffon Cake and pandan flavours to the people of the UK and beyond. I put in a lot of work to make my cake to perfection - light, fluffy, flavoursome, not too sweet. But really, I just want you to be as satisfied as I am when tasting my cakes.

The Baking Jin in Suffolk

Photography by Tim Green

Featured in Cambridgeshire Cook Book

Rainbow chiffon cake in Suffolk, LGBT cake suffolk


Something a little different

Chiffon cake, made with eggs, sugar, flour, water and vegetable oil but no butter, is an obsession throughout South-east Asia. In Japan there are bakeries that only bake chiffon cakes. Schoolchildren in China eat it as a snack. In the Philippines the ability to turn out airy chiffon is the test of a good home cook. People in Malaysia have chiffon cake around the clock, for breakfast seem to be very common! Yet not many in UK know about it, if you have not tasted chiffon cake, why not give it a try, The Baking Jin can bake  for you!

The Baking Jin Chiffon Cake

Feeling good with my light and fluffy 
Chiffon Cake


"WOW, the cake is amazing- takes us right back to being in Thailand! Many Thanks"

Peter, Cambridge

"Excellent bakery, chiffon cakes are super soft and fluffy! Melts in your mouth with every bites! thumbs up to the quality you uphold! definitely will order more again!"

Joey Tan, Northstowe

"Your Pandan cake was light and well-received by everyone. The use of Pandan jelly set the cake apart and definitely tasted and felt pleasantly different to the usual cake we would go for. Thanks for an amazing cake."

Chloe, Cambridge

"The cake was delicious. soft, tasty, perfect! Thanks a lot, it made greater a fantastic birthday day :) "

David, Waterbeach

"The Kuih is soo gooooooooooddd! The slightly salty rice against the creamy sweet pandan coconut topping is just divine"

Alicia Huang, Cambridge

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