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Me, carrying fresh Pandan leaves just after cutting from my grandfather's back garden during my home visit in Januray 2017.

My little story

Jin Yee Chung

I was a novice baker prior to 2014, at Boxing Day sales 2013 I bought myself a stand mixer. Since then, I challenged myself to pick a new recipe and bake/cook at least once every fortnight, and I did for 2014. The more I baked the more I fell in love with baking. In 2015, I entered the Cambridge Bake Off competition, little did I suspect that I would win the competition! It gave me a massive confidence boost. 

Being raised in Borneo, Malaysia, I like to blend my cooking with an Asian touch. I am creative, artistic and have an eye for attention to details. With an Engineering degree, I sometimes use a scientific approach in my baking.

Why Baking? 

I suppose the baking part is always 'in' me, but I did not realise it until few years back! My mum is a great baker, she did a lot of baking for family and also commercially, all of my childhood and teenage birthday cakes were baked by her. Growing up in such a baking environment, I used to watch my mum bake a lot, but I never baked with her, not even once when we lived under one roof, I only sat around in the kitchen, saw her mix, saw her bake, and secretly licking off many buttercream from her mixing bowl! When I moved to the UK, unless I go to China town London, I cannot find any Far Eastern type of baking locally. I miss her baking so much, so I decided to recreate her taste and bake it myself in Cambridge, it started off as a hobby and experiment during my spare time. 


The Baking Jin

Creating The Baking Jin, and baking for a bigger audience, I believe it could enable me to take the things I am really passionate about to the next level. Few people approached me to bake for their birthdays, so I thought I can do this in the background, I am happy to create bakes for them as long as it does not interfere with my day job. Therefore I created this webpage with a good selection of bakes that I can offer (for now) without saying it over and over again. 


With The Baking Jin, people can have another bake option to choose from, I can create alternate bakes for people to taste, something different, something fusion, readapting the old classic in a new way, something 'JINify' (something 'oriJINal'!). 

As for long term, I don’t know where this will lead me to, if you are a baker, foodie, chef who are looking for collaboration, fundraising, pop-up, please be in touch.