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My Creations

Here are some of the bakes The Baking Jin has created in the past.

If you see one not listed on the menu and would like a similar type or decoration, please let us know.

ss-wedding cake (5)

A wedding cake I created last Saturday inspired from the movie Crazy Rich Asians. A wedding reception cake for a lovely Oriental couple, dark green, antique gold, orchids with the Chinese character 囍 'double happiness'. 💕


A garden inspired fathers day cake for a keen gardener. .

sw-mandarinorange cakeroll

🌸 Celebrating Summer with a Burst of Color! 🌺 I had the pleasure of catering a fabulous summer garden party recently, and I couldn't be more proud of the delightful desserts, mostly Kuih I provided. Among the highlights was the biggest Kuih I have ever created! 😍🌈


This is a dou flavour - upper blueberry, lower lemon chiffon cake. And as the colours suggest, it's a tribute for Ukraine crisis 🇺🇦.


Part of my rainbow creation series, this week is Kuih Lapis Pelangi aka rainbow layer kuih. 🌈🌈🌈 Traditionally it has 9 layers, the way to eat it is to peel apart and eat layer by layer, its almost like playing a game while eating. Such fun! Another of my childhood memories.


Congratulations Amy & Shila 👰🤵❤️ A wedding cake arrangement that I recently did for the lovely newlyweds.


From monochrome to colourful! 👉swipe across, you'll know why. This is one of my on going experiment/improvement/recipe testings. Also a Birthday cake for a dear! A concrete block cake for someone who likes DIY and doing all the handy works! Someone says "it's looking very macho manly hard from the outside", I agree, but also soft inside, they are actually chiffon sponges. At first I didn't think to stack up 6 layers chiffon sponges would work. With a little bit of design, engineering and though


This morning chiffon cake line-up, small batch baking. Happy Saturday everyone!

fl-Super Mariocake-strawberry, mango and cream cake with the Super Mario twist.

Super Mario! Strawberry, mango and cream cake with the Super Mario twist.

ss-rainbow agaragar

Attemtped colourful agar-agar. Coconut flavour. It's nice and refreshing for hot weather 🌡️.Reverse rainbow pattern 🏳️‍🌈. Let's call this a pride agar agar in pride month.

ss-purple sweet potato seri muka kuih (2)

Jubilee! Royal purple themed, purple sweet potato seri muka kuih for the Jubilee celebrations. Featured in our Platinum Jubilee dessert boxes. A tribute to the Queen's long association with the commonwealth country of Malaysia.


A very special designed cake for a new born baby girl. It was created for a party. Love creating creative things, makes me happy! Strawberry flavored chiffon cake with chiffon sponge decorations, all eatable. You gotta have some pink in you! .

sw-Japanese matcha Swiss roll
ss-squidgame See less

You are invited! Players, the next game will begin shortly 😆


A nod to the lqbtq+ community with the rainbow coloured Japanese cake roll 🌈, happy Pride month 2021 🏳️‍🌈

ss-battenburg cake

Calling for cake roll lovers. Rolling into the festive season 🌲. If you are organising office party, private party or family gatherings consider desserts, give me a shout.


Get the most of local produce into a cake. Passion fruit mousse cake using Malaysian local grown yellow skin passion fruit, the sweetness level is insanely powerful 😍

Kuih Lapis rainbow
hk-Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcakes (2)
fl-two tone chiffon cake
hk-mix Hokkaido Cupcakes (2)

🌈 Today's baking Hokkaido cupcakes has turned into a beautiful celebration of colors! Unintentionally, my array of bakes ended up resembling a subtle rainbow, just in time for Cambridge Pride Day! 🌈

fl-Strawberry cake
fl-strawberryandcream (3)
fl-Strawberry and cream cake (3)
fl-red velvet marble cake2

A rather colourful creation for a 50th birthday. I love when people give me flexibility (almost free style) to do what I wanted to do 😁, they just said "I would like a 50th birthday for my partner, black sesame cake, you do the rest, anything! "

fl-rainbow chiffon cake

Thank you NHS 💙 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

fl-peachchiffoncake (2)

🍑🍑🍑🍑 Limited edition. While we're at the peak of peach season. 🍑🍑🍑

fl-pandanlayercake (3)

It's a boy! Pandan layer cake for a baby full moon (1 month old ) celebrations, many congratulations and thank you for the order 🧓💙


Happy Lunar New Year! 🧧 Rabbit year special edition chiffon cake - pandan, mandarin orange, cocoa, with cheese and chicken floss topping for the year of rabbit design. From The Baking Jin to you! Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous year of water rabbit 🐇 🐇氣揚眉 大展鴻🐇

fl-Pandan Layer cake pandan kaya cake

Signature Pandan Layer cake /pandan kaya cake with a rather autumnium themed for anniversary celebration, thank you so much for the order and many congratulations ❤️💚.

fl-pandan chiffon cake with cream

Can't get hold of toilet rolls, so decided to "create" it myself 🤔😬. My usual pandan chiffon cake with fresh cream decorated like a toilet roll 🧻🧻, how about that?

fl-Pandan chiffon cake with black sesame butter cream
fl-orange chiffon cake with chocolate ganache
e-popupevent (6)
fl-Halloween cake. Oreo cake

This year's Halloween cake. Oreo cake. There is an Oreo spider in the centre of the cake, my bad photography skill did not capture that 🕷️😱. Happy Halloween 👻🎃🕸️🦇🕷️.

fl-pandanchiffoncake (3)

A soft and light pandan chiffon birthday cake with a personalised name tag I did for a Malaysian student a while ago.

fl-Matcha green tea and black sesame cream (2)

Matcha green tea and black sesame cream I created for a birthday celebration. Decorated with fresh peach 🍑🍑🍑 Thank you for the order. .


Halloween inspiration for you. Happy baking 🎃🦇🙂👻

fl-lemon and raspberry chiffon cake
fl-Japanese Strawberry short cake
hk-Pandan Hokkaido cupcakes

It's the garden party season again. Pandan Hokkaido cupcakes request for a party. Thank you for the order.

fl-Elderflower and lemon chiffon cake

Limited edition Elderflower and lemon chiffon cake, inspired by the flavours of the #royalwedding cake.

fl-earl Grey and Lavender cake

Hello April and British Summer Time! Took up a challenge in creating a spring/summer favoured themed. Earl Grey and Lavender cake for a special Birthday celebration. Do you like a purple looking cake? .


Dark cocoa + figs for a joint celebration. .


And I think this is not for a child. I hope it's for 豬豬?(in Chinese nick name for 'baby' , lover! ) not for 豬一般的朋友 (a darf teamate) 😂 or 豬朋狗友 (partner in crime) ?🤨 Dark chocolate chiffon moist + chocolate ganache.

fl-Coffee chiffon cake with coffee icing and licorice decoration2

A celebration cake. Coffee chiffon cake with coffee icing and licorice decoration. It was a bit nerve wracking decorating this cake for an artist! Pleased everything turned out well. Thanks for all the comments and I will continue to improve.

fl-ck-Rose and Lychee cake

Rose and Lychee cake, rose soft sponge, fresh cream infused with lychee syrup and lychee fruits.

fl-Chocolate rose water chiffon cake
fl-blackforestcake (3)
dessert box2
ck-red wine mousse cake

🍂 Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁


For your spring bank holiday weekend treat, this pandan chiffon cake available at @breweddington, located in the lobby of Hyatt Centric Hotel Cambridge Eddington @hyattcentriccambridge , while stock(slice) last. Happy bank holiday to all!

ck-Pandan inside black sesame outside, my version of Green Black

Very proud of my "darkest surprise". My take on the Cantonese Black sesame sweet soup dessert on a cake patisserie form. Thank you again for trusting me put my own spin on my creation. 🖤😊

ck-pandan and coconut chiffon cake

Not one but two! Today you can taste my Christmas special orange chiffon cake at two cafés of the Cambrisgeshire area. Where? I'll let you hunt! 😁😉, so go and get your slice of light and airy cake! .

ss-Snowskin mooncake
e-event (2)
ck-Lemon chiffon cake
ck-Moist chocolate sponge2

I can hear Santa's jingles very near... Chocolate, cream and raspberry, a specially request Christmas decorated cake for this weekend. Thank you!

sw-Chocolate chestnut montblanc Christmas roll

Delicious Chocolate chestnut montblanc Christmas roll is back.!

e-Special functions

Exactly 3 years ago today, a Golden wedding anniversary displays for N&E ❤️, many congratulations. Thank you so much for trusting me for this alternative displays 🙂😘

sw-mandarinorange cakeroll

Day 9th of Chinese New Year celebration. Mandarin Orange cake roll, symbolising good luck and good prosperity. #大吉大利 .

ss-traditional Bak zhang rice dumplings

This year the Chinese Dragon boat aka Duan Wu festival falls on 14th June. Wishing all 端午安康。

ss-traditional Kuih Talam, pandan coconut flavour for the occasion
ss-small strawberry and cream petit cakes
ss-Seri muka kuih-
ss-Rainbow mooncakes (2)
ss-pridecake #rainbowcake (3)

❤️ Happy Pride! .

ss-Moist chocolate cake roll with the cartoon character Brown

Moist chocolate cake roll with the cartoon character Brown. Who doesn't like Brown? 🙃 "It's almost too cute to eat! " Happy Monday everyone!

ss-Four layer pandan sponges, gula melaka buttercream with fresh flowers decorations

Special Birthday cake for 21st birthday. Four layer pandan sponges, gula melaka buttercream with fresh flowers decorations. Her requirements: pandan, tall, fresh flowers and pink! Thank you for trusting me to create for your special day. .

ss-Chilled two tier Black forest cake

Chilled two tier Black forest cake for a 80th year young lady. Many congratulations Miranda! Chocolate chiffon sponge, cherry kirsch, and chocolate work. .

ss-lychee and rose (2)

Experimenting with new flavours, lychee and rose in vertical formation. It's not very often I get to see the inside of the cake. Cake can be a good addition when entertaining family and friends. Happy August Bank Holiday to all 🌹.

ss-Birthday cake with Orchids

Birthday cake with Orchids. Four layer pandan sponge with gula melaka (dark palm sugar) icing inside. Happy Birthday 🎂

ss-Seri Muka Kuih.2

Seri Muka Kuih. This is one of my all time favourite kuih from childhood. My mum used to make this kuih for breakfast and snack, I didn't appreciate it but I miss it so much when I moved abroad.

ss-wo tier cake

中秋節快樂! Happy Mid Autumn festival 🥮

ss-Rainbow mooncakes (2)

Rainbow mooncakes. Unlike the traditional version, these seem to resemble planet but it could be "moon". So glad I had time to make these Chinese pastry again this year, with Chinese puff pastry skin, red bean paste filling and salted egg yolk center. I thought I'd never make mooncake for this year, but I managed to run up a few this weekend 🙏✌️, yay festive mood is on (now I have to find lantern 🙄!) Happy early moon festival to all 🎑

ss-Seri muka kuih-
ss-Pandan Gula Melaka layer cake

Pandan Gula Melaka layer cake.

fl-Matcha Chiffon cake1

元宵節 If you celebrate Lunar new year, today is the last day of Lunar new year celebration, 15th day (初十五) or lantern festival, chap goh meh, Chinese valentines day. However you name it, wishing you a good day. Found the special festive version of red velvet @oreo, so made a oreo red velvet chiffon cake for the year of golden Ox. Happy NIU (牛) year!

ss-Mini strawberry chiffon

Pulut Inti is a traditional Nyonya Kuih of steamed glutinous rice with a sweet Gula Melaka coconut topping. They are traditionally wrapped in banana leaves but I opted the banana leaves out due to limited resources in the middle of covid19 lockdown. They look rather attractive with the blue colour scattered around glutinous rice layer from natural blue pea flower extract and contrast with the golden gula melaka coconut on top.

ss-Jiggly Japanese cotton cheesecake

Jiggly Japanese cotton cheesecake in remembrance poppy flower's colour. Lest we forget 🌹

ss-Chinese mandarin orange cake roll

虎年大吉 🐯🍊 Wishing all a "Wonder-虎[hu]" new year ahead. Chinese mandarin orange cake roll to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous year of Tiger. Happy Lunar New Year. 順祝大家虎年 吉祥如意, 平安健康, 事業興旺, 好運一整年🧧

ss-blackforestcake 3

Not for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. But I thought it's a perfect timing to give this cake another shout out 😁. A special two tiered black forest cake for a 70 years young birthday party a few years back. Chiffon sponge inside. I can do special request cakes, for the flavours, shapes and cake types that are not listed in my usual menu, please allow plenty of notices, as I usually need time to experiment and tests. Ever so grateful for the trust and support 🙏


BYOF! "bring your own fruits" Durian cakes with fresh musang king durian selected and supplied by the person who ordered the cakes.

ss-strawberry mousse cake

Happy Mother's day to all the great mama out there ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ss-strawberry and cream cake

Great British Strawberries and cream cake. You can now meet up to 6 people outdoor + this light and fluffy strawberry cakes while social distancing 🍓😊😉🍰. Hey ho, summer is here!


In the mood of 🍓🍓🍓 Can't wait for strawberry season 🍓❤️

ss-traditional Kuih Talam, pandan coconut flavour for the occasion

Selamat Hari Raya 🌙 Eid Mubarak to all my friends that celebrate breaking their fasting month. A little busy over this corner, almost forgotten yesterday was the day, made a traditional Kuih Talam, pandan coconut flavour for the occasion. Happy celebrating.

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Chiffon Cake

"Excellent bakery, chiffon cakes are super soft and fluffy! Melts in your mouth with every bites! thumbs up to the quality you uphold! definitely will order more again!"

― Joey Tan, Northstowe

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